We are waiting for you to discover the Transylvanian Highlands walking. You will be able to breathe clean, well oxygenated air, to enjoy breathtaking views and to have unique memories. Follow the lesser spotted eagle’s flight, listen to the woodpeckers hiding in the old forests and be delighted by the graceful leap of deer. Look for a multi-secular oak, embrace it and let it tell you its secrets and stories. Let yourself be enchanted by the multicultural villages, discover local products and flavors and try new experiences. Stop to admire the scenery, smell the field flowers, taste the berries from the bush, visit the households and talk to the locals.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Water, hat/cap, appropriate shoes.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: As you are in a Natura 2000 site with a tradition in animal husbandry, you can see here both wild animals and dogs keeping sheep, cows and buffaloes. That’s why we recommend that you be accompanied by an experienced local guide.