Travel in time by riding a horse or in a cart. Discover the hidden mysteries of the nature of the Transylvanian Highlands, feel the freedom that the multitude of walking options offer. If you are a beginner or you have never ridden a horse, visit one of the horse riding centers on your destination and you can get horseback riding lessons. You will enter the magical world of horses, whose mysteries you will want to find again and again, in an authentic, simple and miraculous setting. Would you
prefer an extremely authentic experience and do you want to experience real life in the country? Then you can ride the cart through the village or on the roads connecting the villages between them.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: The maximum recommended weight for a person wishing to ride a horse is 95 kg and the outfit should be appropriate, especially for the inexperienced: boots and long pants.


Cross Country Farm / Prod

com. Hoghilag, jud Sibiu Prod, com. Hoghilag, jud Sibiu, +40 369 086012, +40 755 659118, +40 744 500 457,

LANGUAGES: Romanian, English, German

PROGRAM: We recommend a phone booking 24 hours before

Villa Abbatis Riding Center

Apoş Nr. 27, com. Bârghiş, jud. Sibiu, +40 784 960247,

LANGUAGES: Romania Niajomana, Russian, German

PROGRAM: Tuesday- Sunday, 09:00 – 19:00

Ferma școală Cornăţel DJ

106 Sibiu-Agnita, nr.215, +40 743 005500,

LANGUAGES: Romanian, English, Spanish

PROGRAM: We recommend a phone booking 24 hours before

Dracula Domain

Str. Principală 804, Daneş, jud Mureş, +40 265 772211, +40 744 707799, LANGUAGES: Romanian, English